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What a great platform, I haven't seen such a platform before, I Pledge every week, I got paid every week, I'm happy with this platform and am happy to advice people out there to join the platform, get paid every week

I am madam B, I live in Abuja, I just Joined Onihaxy media scripts a week today,and I have been paid twice. I am very happy to belong to Onihaxy media scripts.longlive Onihaxy media.

My name is Musa Mohammed, a participant based in Abuja, I registered for this wonderful community last week Monday and I am proud to say I have received payment twice already . It is real and it is here to stay. Long live Onihaxy media

I pH 20k for one month package and I was paid 40k in two weeks! I just pH back immediately... This is beautiful!! Onihaxy media scripts is the platform!!!

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Kindly Note That: Onihaxy media scripts operates NO Central Account where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves, on a lot of thousand and million private accounts of participants.

Participants are referred to transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, we only regulates the process - nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.