Welcome to Onihaxy media scripts

Onihaxy media scripts is a revolutionary new concept in the power of Community Helps Funding that is set to elevate you to your next level, even with minimal participation.

The system is built on the spirit of comradeship, economic empowerment, social redistribution of wealth amongst the downtrodden and eliminating the spirit of greedy hoarding, which has turned African in to a haven of slave-master leaders and impoverished citizens.


Onihaxy media scripts thrives on a huge community of progress-minded business professionals, SMEs, Public Servants etc pledge to the process of nation-building and personal progress.

Our unique vision ensures that your interests are protected as we all maintain the strictest ideals for making the platform a success!

By combining the best features while eliminating the weaknesses of all other platforms and past programmes, we have come up with a programme that is built to last as long as we all want it to.

Onihaxy media scripts is not designed for greedy people or desperate profiteers rather we have developed a platform that will put money in your pocket, every week!

Found a reason to join us? Lets's start!